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SnoChasers understands your Snow and Ice Concerns

We provide reliable and innovative snowplowing and removal methods, and have the experience with equipment for your residential, commercial or industrial property.  We continue to be a leader in the industry from the smallest to the largest job. Only the most experienced operators are able to work with SNO CHASERS.

  • Residential snow removal/snow plowing
  • Reasonably Priced Services
  • Priority Plowing for Early Birds
  • Driveway Seasonal Contracts
  • Light, Medium or Heavy-Duty Equipment for your Application
  • Friendly, Experienced Operators
  • Phone Calls Returned
  • The Right Equipment - Our equipment is designed and sized specific for your application, so no matter which equipment is used, the job gets done fast, easily and ready 24/7 for snow removal services.
  • Safety and Experience Count! - SNO CHASERS only works with experienced and highly trained operators, where safety comes first. We continually strive to set the standard in the snow removal industry and constantly make improvements to our equipment throughout the year, to give our customers the best possible return for money spent.
  • Ice Control and Traction Aids - We provide the most effective, and suitable solution to every weather condition, regardless of the amount of snow and ice. We apply an even distribution of road salt or traction aid or a combination of both to provide safe conditions.
  • Sidewalks- Effective sidewalk management is crucial to reducing the risk for personal injury and keeping sites open. Engineering a site for timely, and efficient sidewalk management requires consideration of many factors, this is critical to maintain public safety.
  • Site Evaluation - At the startup of each snow season, all locations are inspected for hazards, such as curbs, drain basins, obstructions and placement of snow. These are well marked before inclement weather occurs.
  • Attention to Detail - Site conditions, snow amount, salt/traction aid, and equipment used during a snow/ice event, is logged, dated, recorded, then mailed to our commercial customers at the end of each billing period for the prior month and this information can help with future annual expense planning.
  • Insurance - A million dollar insurance liability policy is carried throughout the year. Additional amounts can be added, as requested for a fee.
  • Passing on the Savings to our Customers - We work throughout the winter season with various distributors, stockpiling tons of materials and traction aids; because of this savings, discounted bulk pricing can be passed on to you, our customers.
  • Spring Maintenance - Spring Maintenance - At the end of each season, at no additional cost, our traction aid clean-up crew will sweep, or utilize a high speed blower to move to the shoulder residual traction aids left from the winter season.
  • Final Completion - The job is not done until it has been inspected by our owner here at SNO CHASERS. This is our commitment to a finished service.
  • Bidding of Contracts - Snowplowing/Removal Contracts are available by: estimate, per push, by season, hourly or will call.